This project is COMPLETE.

Full game translation; joint with NNL. Last update on 06.21.06.

The demo of this game was fansubbed by NNL and is available on their site. Questions about the demo should be directed to them.

This site is depreciated and will no longer be updated. If you wish to follow the progress of this translation, please do so at NNL's Wind project pages.



▼ TitleWind -a breath of heart-
▼ Companyminori
▼ GenreInteractive Novel
▼ OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
▼ Media2 CD-ROMs
▼ Price8,800 yen (9,240 yen with tax included)
▼ Release Date04.19.2002
▼ CPUPentium II 233MHz required / Celeron 300MHz recommended
▼ RAM64MB required / 128MB recommended
▼ HDD500MB free space or more required
▼ Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
▼ Directornbkz Sakai
▼ ArtTatsuya Yuki, Mitsuishi Shona
▼ ScenarioMasaya Mukai, Nozomu Koga
▼ RestrictionsMust be 18 or above to purchase


That summer day. Makoto Okano and his younger sister Hinata sit across from each other in the box seats of a local express heading to that town, underneath a blue sky that seems to stretch out to infinity. The town they are heading to is the very one that they were born in and were separated from long ago -- Kazune City. In the midst of the midsummer wind, bathed in the wind that rushes in from the train window, they head to that town, which they only have vague memories of.

"Say, let's promise to meet again."

"I'll keep playing this harmonica, okay? Because even if I can't reach you, the sound of the harmonica surely will."

The harmonica, which was handed over together with the promise to that girl.

And within the shaking cabin of the train, Makoto wakes up, dimly but surely recalling that memory ...


Known Issues


Core insani team

Lead translator, graphic editor, NSIS installer: Seung "gp32" Park
Programmer: Ed Keyes
Feel-good support: Kevin "sagara" Tardif

Team NNL

Lead coordinator, lead editor, OP karaoke: Dave "GipFace" Lim
A001 + minor translations, translation check: Reikoku
Demo post-production, editor: madgat

Wind strike team

QC, additional demo programming: zalas [Takeda Honyakubu]
QC, A001 additional editing: NamaeX
QC: Clammerz [insani Australia]
QC: supers []
QC: Senbei [Ishin-Anime]

Team emeriti

Initial programming: alamone [Ayashii Gamesubs]
Original concept: UFG [EroShift]
A007 translation check, minor translations: Kokushi_Musou [The-Triad/EroShift]


A001 minor translations: loae666, Mike-II, MoFoQ
A001 additional editing: chaoticreign
A001 additional editing, QC: NamaeX
Original OP1 fansub: anrp [Bishoujo-Fansubs]


Date Comments

This is the end.

06.01.05 Project page updated to reflect new insani project page specification.

This site is now depreciated in favor of NNL's Wind project pages. See above.


Alpha testing at package 2. Up to A019 now fully edited.


Translation phase complete. Final scripts delivered to NNL and to Wind strike team for localization and alpha testing.


F021, F023 done. insani's part in this translation -- the translation itself and the coding -- are set to be over on 11.05.04, coinciding with minori's release of Wind Re:gratitude, a DVD-spec rerelease of Wind.


F017, F019 done.


F011, F013, F015 done. hikari_ed and songs translated. BE CATCH or be DEAD. Actually, just be DEAD.


F007 done. Staff list updated.


F001, F003, F005 done.


Wakaba endgame complete. Now onto the final endgame. At last.


E003, E003_1, E005, E007 done.


E001 done.


Part D2 done. On to Part E.


D013 done.


D007, D007_1, D009, D011, D011_1 done.


D005 done.


Part D1 done.


Hinata endgame complete. Now onto the Fujimiya sisters' endgame.


C005 complete.


C001 and C003 complete.


Minamo endgame complete. Now onto Hinata endgame.


B011 finished. gp32 has no more sympathy for any of the characters any longer. In fact, gp32 is going to go off and play Immaterial and Missing Power now ...


B005, B007, B009 finished. 心のかけら さがしにゆこう!


B001 and B003 finished. gp32 is now primary maintainer of this document. Document format changed to meet the spec of all other project pages. NNL joint venture text added to "Scope" section.


Part A now finished. Heading into the endgames.


We are closing in on the end of Part A now. In preparation for the insani website launch, we have converted this update text into HTML form. The sections have been rearranged a little in order to better match this web-based format. GipFace continues as the primary writer of this document.


It's been a month since the last update, but please take a look at the number to the left of this text. Could it be that we've actually passed the halfway mark? Oh yes, oh yes! Now we're at a point where few game translation projects ever end up at. Could there actually be enough minority spirit in the wind for this translation project to actually succeed? Perhaps when Canada wins a gold medal at the olympics, maybe!

There are less than 2500 lines remaining in part A. Once that's done, the real fun (squishing noises and second-rate pulp fiction writing) will begin. Oh my!


Some people who have not played the demo were wondering why this project began in the first place. Others are wondering why it's still continuing even though I said the project was virtually dead in the demo readme. Therefore, I've added a little history section which should answer all of your questions. Some of it was copied from the demo readme. Please excuse my laziness. I've added an additional comment, too.


Unfortunately, time is up for our "lead translator" Kokushi_Musou. It's been over four months since he's started A003 and he's still not finished yet, going AWOL for the past month and not informing anyone of his whereabouts. Due to time constraints regarding consistency in lines that are the same in the TV anime, I am forced to kick KM off the team. We appreciate all that he did for us (critiquing gp32's work), but a pace of just five translated lines a day simply isn't going to cut it. It's a shame that the benefits of a translation tandem didn't blossom as we had hoped. sagara is now the lone EroShift member remaining on the project, and the translation (and virtually the whole project) now rests on the shoulders of gp32. He's one-third of the way there so why not give him some kind words for reaching this far?

On a side note, we've renamed certain scripts to their TV anime episode counterparts. If an episode covers more than one script, I've renamed the script which is the main focus of the episode.


Added a localization progress chart because the translation isn't the only thing we have to do. We've also started to mark which scripts have an equivalent Wind TV episode. Updated info on how the endgame clearing works. This file is now being mirrored on NNL's site because EroShift updates too infrequently. Not that NNL has been any better lately ...


gp32 finishes a flurry of short scripts. Due to real-life work, he'll be taking a well-deserved break until July 9th. On the other hand, I'll be busy over the next two weeks trying to fansub the new Wind KSS OVA. Take care!


We've figured out a whole bunch of things pertaining to the script. Some of our conceptions were disproved, such as Part A being the linear portion of the game. A number of the scripts are redundant so our work has been cut down just a little bit. Added a comment section because many people think we can't do this. Yay!


Progress has slowed a bit because gp32 was working on a project that we'll announce later. However, that project is finished (for now) and we should get back on track. We've figured out the order of the first meaningful decision point and have listed it in the progress chart. In other news, KM has disappeared again ... *sigh*


There were some mistakes in the date order of the game, so we've fixed all that. We've hit our first decision point AND double-digits in the total script translation! gp32 has committed himself up to A023 since both paths at A015 eventually lead up to A025.


gp32 finishes three (!) scripts over the weekend. KM is slowly but surely getting A003 done. We'll re-evaluate our position after A003 and A017 are finished. Ed updates his decoder to work with the V1.02 scripts.


Unfortunately, the previous stats and updates used the scr.pak from v1.00. There was a v1.02 scr.pak patch that we weren't aware of, and everything had to be recalculated all over again. The new a029_1 doesn't decode properly, so Ed will have to fix that. gp32 finishes A011 and A013, starts work on A005. Since KM hasn't responded lately, gp32 is willing to do up to A017. The TL check backlog can't become much larger or else we'll be overwhelmed ...


gp32 finishes A009 after overdosing on coffee. Starts work on A011 and A013.


gp32 joins the team. We hope the project will be much faster as a result of this. KM finally wakes up, having most of his work for the school year done and over with.


KM receives all the final decoded scripts from Ed. Starts work on A003.