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₯ Titletrue tears
₯ CompanyLa'cryma
₯ GenreTearful Romantic High School ADV
₯ OSWindows 2000/XP
₯ MediaDVD-ROM
₯ Price9,240 yen
₯ Release Date03.31.2006
₯ CPUPentium II 450MHz required / Pentium III 800MHz recommended
₯ RAMWin2000: 96MB
WinXP: 128MB
₯ DirectX7.0 or above required
₯ HDD900MB free space or more required
₯ Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
₯ ArtRei Izumi
₯ ScenarioGameCRAB, Nonoka Maihama
₯ DirectorGameCRAB
₯ Executive ProducersTakaaki Kitani (Broccoli), tororo (Circus)
₯ RestrictionsNone


Dreams, hopes, and aspirations ... are things that all people draw their visions of what the "future" may hold for them. Some are pastel-colored; others are darker in hue; still others shine radiant and unblemished like the hands of the rain.

What are my dreams? What are my hopes? What do I aspire to become? These are questions that the characters of this story ask themselves. But must all of them turn at last to weeping? Must they all harbor such darkness under the shadow of the wings of their hearts? Some of them carry the wounds of the past with them still, the burden causing them to lose sight of their dreams. Others see insurmountable walls between them and the things they dream of, causing them to walk away and give up. And still others -- worst of all -- have forgotten what it is to dream altogether.

And so they smile, smile warmly and widely, in order to hide away the darkness and pain in their hearts ... in order to shut out the future itself.

But the moment a girl should step forth and say "no more" -- that is the beginning and the end.

This is a season of true tears. Can you feel their hands as they rain down upon you?


Known Issues



Translation: Seung Park
Graphics: Edward Keyes, Seung Park
Programming: Edward Keyes

Quality Control

Lead QC: Lee Massi
QC: Edward Keyes
QC: Seung Park
QC: Wing On Chan


Date Comments
07.31.06 RTM.