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₯ TitleAnonono `that day that time that future with you`
₯ CompanySpirit Speak
₯ GenreSchool Romance Replay ADV
₯ OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
₯ MediaCD-ROM
₯ Price8,800 yen (9,240 yen with tax included)
₯ Release Date12.12.2003
₯ CPUPentium III 500MHz required / Pentium III 800MHz recommended
₯ RAMWin98/ME: 128MB required / 256MB recommended
Win2000: 192MB required / 384MB recommended
WinXP: 256MB required / 512MB recommended
₯ Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
₯ ArtFutatsu
₯ ScenarioFumihiko Kuwanohara, Kouta Takeuchi
₯ RestrictionsMust be 18 or above to purchase


The protagonist suddenly returns to those bygone days of three years ago ...

Leading a life choked with regret, just wishing that he could have one chance to set things right ...

The protagonist is an ordinary college student, living out his tedious days in relative peace. But even through his college life, he feels a kind of disquiet that is hard to place -- the root of which comes from the incidents of a certain failed school festival three years ago. After that time, the life and the friends that he had known were scattered to the winds, leaving him with the life he knows now.

But if he had the opportunity to do things over again, to set things right, what would he do?


Known Issues



Translation, QC: chiisai_nezumi
Programming: pelican, Karo-sama, DaiRyuu, ratike
QC team: Semag, Delolith, KrazzyKat

Core insani team

Text editing, graphic editing, QC, release engineering: Seung "gp32" Park
Graphic editing, programming, QC: Ed Keyes

insani Australia

QC: Lee "Clammerz" Massi


QC: zalas [Takeda Honyakubu]
QC: emperor


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03.19.05 Initial project page release and RTM.