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TitleMajipuri -Wonder Cradle-
CompanyPurple Software
GenreNovel-Type Adventure
OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
Price8,800 yen (9,240 yen with tax included)
Release Date06.04.2004
CPUPentium II 450MHz required / Pentium III 600MHz recommended
RAMWin98/ME: 128MB required / 192MB recommended
Win2000/XP: 192MB required / 256MB recommended
DirectX7.0 or above required
HDD2.0GB free space or more required
Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
ArtKouji Iwasaki
ScenarioKouichirou Yamada
RestrictionsMust be 18 or above to purchase


One day, the protagonist Makoto Himekawa was going to his school, Shiroha Academy, when he came upon a girl going crazy by a vending machine. He went to help her, but ended up drenching her in soda instead. After a light argument, the protagonist christened this girl "Trouble Woman". Due to this he was late for school, and barely made it to homeroom. And there, it seemed that there was an exchange student. But that exchange student was ... the "Trouble Woman"!

Thus, with the appearance of the exchange student Yuuri Ashitaba, Makoto's ordinary school life took a sudden turn for the decidedly non-boring, and through the athletic festival, the cultural festival, and even the autumn leaf festival, the chaos of his life quickly increased. And then, he was swallowed up in an unexpected incident ...

Opening Movie


Known Issues


Core insani team

Translation, graphic editing, lead QC, release engineering: Seung "gp32" Park
Graphic editing, programming, QC: Ed Keyes

Ayashii Gamesubs

Translation, programming, QC: alamone


Programming: Kevin "sagara" Tardif

insani Australia

QC: Lee "Clammerz" Massi


OP karaoke: anrp
QC: zalas [Takeda Honyakubu]
QC: emperor1231


Date Comments
06.01.05 Project page updated to reflect new insani project page specification.
12.05.04 Subtitled OP video release.
12.04.04 RTM.
12.04.04 RC phase complete. Currently generating final installer and .torrent files. RTM tonight.
12.02.04 QC phase complete. Now moving to RC. RTM date finalized to Sunday.
11.24.04 Translation phase complete. Now moving to QC.
11.21.04 Initial page release.