These are hentai games, right?

There are those who will spend all the free time they seem to have trying to categorize the pieces that we translate. We are not so inclined. The answer is yes.

There are several exceptions among the things that we've translated -- like planetarian, or like Narcissu. Neither of them are eroge. They have no ero-, and they're not -ge, either. So they're ... uh ... you get the point.

Are your game demos suitable for all ages, then?

The Majipuri demo has a censored ero scene in it, and the Anonono demo has several, but otherwise, yes.

What were you expecting? Happy (and endlessly fruity) taiko faces?

Your demos don't work on my computer! What gives?

Our demos require either (1) Windows 98 JP/Me JP or (2) Windows 2000/XP/2003 with support for Japanese enabled

Control Panel ¨ Regional Options ¨ General Tab ¨ Language Support ¨ Japanese

Control Panel ¨ Regional and Language Options ¨ Languages ¨ Supplemental Language Support ¨ Install files for East Asian languages

and (a) default ANSI codepage set to "Japanese" [this is the recommended approach]

Control Panel ¨ Regional Settings ¨ General Tab ¨ Set Default ¨ Japanese

Control Panel ¨ Regional and Language Settings ¨ Advanced ¨ Language for non-unicode programs ¨ Japanese

or (b) Microsoft AppLocale [XP/2003 only; does not work for all games].

If you still can't get them to work even after you meet those requirements, feel free to e-mail us and we'll discuss the matter.

What's up with those system requirements and story outlines?

The system requirements and story outlines presented in the Projects page are direct translations of the information pages for the various games from Getchu, a Japanese online gaming store that specializes in eroge, among other things.

The system requirements for our releases will be higher than what is listed in the Projects page, because we generally include higher-quality video encoded in XViD in our releases.

Oh, and the story outlines presented in the Projects page do not represent the views of insani in any way, shape, or form. The only reason they are there is because gp32 is lazy.

What is your style of translation like?

Our translation style focuses on capturing the nuances of meaning that exist within any given sentence, not in delivering a "literal" translation. We have an active disdain, in fact, for that thing that most anime fansubbers would call "literal" -- because it invariably culminates in a translation that is not accurate in any sense of the term. The structure of the Japanese language is vastly different from the structure of the English language, and the kinds of expressions used in both languages are thus also widely different. What this means is that any JP->EN translation that is any good has by definition to be a localization of sorts. But if you want a "literal" translation, fine, you can have it -- go off and use Babelfish or Amikai. Finally, think about it this way -- if you are a person who is playing our demos, you are doing so because you probably do not understand Japanese well enough to be playing it in the original language. If the above happens to be true of you, just where did you get the idea in your head that you had any ability to judge how close to the originals our JP->EN translations are? And if the above does not happen to be true of you, why are you playing our translations when you could just be playing them in the original language?

Rest assured that we strive to make our translations as close in both spirit and structure to the original Japanese as we can -- and also that any translation that claims to be "literal" is probably not very good.

How many games are you working on?

Depends. During festivals like al|together, our workload is a lot heavier. On the other hand, when our work schedules in real life grow hectic, our workload here drops. Rest assured that we're usually working on one thing or another. Just don't ask us what they are. We won't tell you until we're good and ready to. Think of it this way: some groups announce their intentions very early on, and never complete a thing. We only announce our intention to do something when we are absolutely sure that the piece will be done. If you can't live with that, then leave.

Will you do (insert unpopular eroge title here)?


Will you do (insert popular eroge title here)?

No. In fact, do not be looking for us to be doing any full-length translations of commercial works ever again. You can thank your colleagues that pirated planetarian for that.

So would you accept ANY requests at all?

As you may or may not be aware, we localize these games as a hobby, gaining enjoyment out of the technical and artistic challenge involved. If you or any other fanboy/girl gets any pleasure out of our translations, then that is a strictly secondary side-effect that is beyond our control.

That answer your question?

May I join your group?

Only by invitation.

Do you really hate everyone else?

Depends on who "everyone else" is.

If you want to e-mail us, go ahead. You will receive a response befitting the character of your original missive. That is to say: if you are going to ask a stupid question, or are going to beg and plead for us to translate something, or anything of that sort, then heaven help you.