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We are a small unit focused on translating both commercial and doujin visual novels. insani was originally incorporated in August of 2004, during a time when there was no such thing as a "complete visual novel translation". In a joint venture with NNL, we were solely responsible for a 100% complete first-pass translation of the 2002 visual novel by minori, Wind -a breath of heart-. We have since then moved on to translating Trial Editions of commercial games as well as several very highly-regarded doujin visual novels -- foremost among them being Narcissu.

We maintain a branch of ONScripter, were the founders and first festival coordinators of al|together, and are known for our speed and precision in translation. We devote a large amount of our energy to mentoring less-experienced translators, in the hopes of helping to give rise to a generation of ethical visual novel translators. In conjunction with the above, we take a very hard line against software piracy of any sort.

Individual team member bios follow.

Seung "gp32" Park

Co-founder / Lead Translator / ONScripter Maintainer / Release Engineer / Webmaster

Seung Park is the ultimate garage inventor, having developed and perfected a machine allowing him to warp time itself. At least, there is no other explanation for how he can consistently turn out professional-level translations in the odd minutes when he isn't saving people's lives or, more typically, gaining lives in R-TYPE.
- Edward Keyes

Edward Keyes

Co-founder / Chief Technical Officer / Lead Graphics / Quality Control / Secondary Translator

This is the man who holds the power of BBQ (of the OMG and the WTF variants) in his hands. He seeks to create Cocoa implementations of every visual novel engine known to man; he speaks five languages on alternate Fridays; he slices; he dices; he gives new meaning to the phrase "high dynamic range" when chewing out programmers who do not bother to comment their code. He sometimes even translates fairy tales about birds and golden fruits...
- Seung Park

Lee "Clammerz" Massi

Lead Quality Control / Liaison Officer

The kingpin of the one-man strong unit of mass destruction, "insani Australia". Little else is known about this ultimate weapon of quality control power.
- Seung Park

Irene Ying

Intern Translator

The first insani intern, and a capable translator in her own right. Often seen beating helpless men up with her prowess in karate. Cat-sits, translates pieces of abstract fiction, and destroys miniature galaxies in her spare time.
- Seung Park

Chris "GSL" St. Louis

Intern Translator

The second insani intern, and a capable cosplayer of Haado Gei in his own right. Perhaps it is best to leave this description at that ... WHOOOOOOOO!
- Seung Park

Erik "l|ammamama" Sjoberg

Intern Translator

The third insani intern, best known for his love of all thing panda and samurai. May or may not be addicted to bamboo. Definitely addicted to Japanese vocabulary flash cards.
- Seung Park


Lecherous Bancho

The bancho to end all banchos. What else do you want?
- Seung Park

Contact Us

So you've played our projects, read our FAQ, and still weren't scared off? And now you want to contact us? You're made of much sterner stuff than we are, then.

If you wish to drop us a line, make comments, flame us (if you do so, beware the backdraft!), give us money, or have questions, please e-mail us at: insani01-at-INTHEGRIMFUTUREOFHELLOKITTY-insani-dot-org.

You should, of course, remove the big all-caps string before you send your email.