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Demo translation only; joint with NNL. Last update on 06.01.05.



₯ TitleHaru no Ashioto
₯ Companyminori
₯ GenreInteractive Novel
₯ OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
₯ MediaDVD-ROM
₯ Price8,800 yen (9,240 yen with tax included)
₯ Release Date07.23.2004
₯ CPUCeleron 566MHz required / Pentium III 700MHz recommended
₯ RAM256MB required / 512MB recommended
₯ HDD1.2GB free space or more required
₯ Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
₯ Directornbkz Sakai
₯ ArtKIMChee, Mitsuishi Shona
₯ ScenarioYu Kagami, Hare Kitagawa
₯ RestrictionsMust be 18 or above to purchase


Having graduated from a university in Tokyo but having failed the Teaching Employment Examination, a young man named Tatsuki Sakurano is rejected by the woman he loves before he even works up the courage to confess his love to her. Wanting to escape the realities that surround him, he goes back to his old hometown to lie low for awhile; but when his uncle -- who is the Vice Principal at an all-girl high school -- collapses due to a sudden illness, Tatsuki is thrust into the role of a temporary substitute teacher.

Haru no Ashioto is the story -- beginning with a rocky start as a substitute teacher, a reunion with a younger cousin named Yuu Sakurano, and a meeting with the students Yuzuki Kaede and Nagomi Fujikura -- of love and growth to adulthood on a school campus. Just as Tatsuki fumbles about in the clasroom, he is likewise forced to fumble, to make progress, in his everyday life. In the midst of those days that frantically pass by, will he be able to learn what is truly important about life?

This story -- occuring in a small school campus set in a small town -- is a bittersweet story of the springtime of one's life.

Opening Movie


Known Issues


Core insani team

Translation, graphic editing, NSIS installer: Seung "gp32" Park
Programming: Ed Keyes, Kevin "sagara" Tardif

Team NNL

Editing, scripting, OP karaoke: Dave "GipFace" Lim
Techgian demo procurement, QC: madgat


QC: NamaeX
Additional editing, QC: zalas


Date Comments
06.01.05 Project page updated to reflect new insani project page specification.
09.01.04 RTM.
08.31.04 Release candidate. RTM delayed by several hours, secondary to NSIS scripting bug.
08.30.04 Graphical work complete. NSIS installer work complete. QC pass 2 complete. Release candidate and final OP encode in progress. Expect RTM tomorrow.
08.29.04 Script fully inserted. QC pass 1 done. QC pass 2 tonight. Final OP encode in-progress. Graphical work largely complete. Translated menus fully reinserted. NSIS installer work begun. BE CATCH or be dead.
08.27.04 Initial project page release. At this point, translation for both the tech and the real demo are done. The insertion and extraction tools are largely complete, although the name reinserter does not work on animation files, or so it would appear. The first- and second-pass edit phases are done. The OP movie is translated, and has gone through its first and second passes of editing. We are on target for a release sometime this week.