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Full work translation. insani's al|together 2006 Precursor Phase 2. Last update on 05.19.06.



Please note that these specifications are for the original Japanese edition of the work, running the stock NScripter client on Windows.

₯ TitleFlood of Tears
₯ CircleTMS
₯ GenreShort ADV
₯ OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
₯ MediaWeb Download
₯ PriceFree
₯ Release Date10.30.01
₯ CPUPentium+
₯ RAM64MB required / 128MB recommended
₯ DirectX8.1 or above required
₯ HDD40MB free space required
₯ Screen Resolution640x480 @ 16-bit color or above
₯ ArtEmu
₯ ScenarioYuichi
₯ RestrictionsNone


An annoying protagonist, an ordinary school life, a few friends here and there. This is the story of a young man who falls in love willingly, and perhaps of a couple young women who fall in love somewhat less willingly. With plot structure and progression very similar to -- and some might even say in homage to -- works like Kanon and SNOW, this piece will most likely feel immediately familiar to most readers.

But it also possesses immense heart, which is why at the end of the day we, the translators, could only say a warm "thank you" and turn a blind eye to what flaws it had.


Known Issues



Translation: Seung Park
Programming: Edward Keyes, Seung Park
Additional Scripting: Seung Park

Quality Control

Lead QC: Lee Massi
QC: Edward Keyes
QC: Peter Jolly
QC: Asphodel
QC: Nanatuha


Date Comments
05.19.06 RTM.